Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Everyday Design No.4: The Coming Out of the Closet.

I cannot tell you how many times I've suggested to a client the idea of how we should design the interior of their closets and gotten in return odd looks and immediate questions of why. For reasons that are quite beyond me most people have taken to the notion that closet interiors should be white...simple, average white. 

While there is always the option of putting a lot of design into a closet with custom woodwork, special organizers and the like doing something simple can be just as good. I personally love to wallpaper closets in wallpaper not used anywhere else in the house..except perhaps other closets. Painting a closet interior in a colour not used on other wall is a fast way to change your closets. Find a colour that really sets off your clothing and accessories and run with it, choose a colour that suits your personality, your lifestyle. 

Since it is a small space that isn't seen that often I even suggest picking a paint colour you have always been afraid to use anywhere else. Mirror the entire interior, cover it in cork, upholster it, the sky (or little enclosed space) is the limit. Use this space to experiment with ideas you might want to use in bigger public spaces.



Karen said...

This very topic has been on my mind as I'm paring down my clothes closet, only keeping the best and things I love. I might just have to go wild and paint it a bold color. I've always been too timid to try a deep, rich shade of gray. Thanks for further inspiration in my quest to customize my closet.

mumby said...

Hi can you please info on the below photograph taken from your site. I'd like to use it for staging but want to get permission from the owner beforehand. Thanks

Please contact me at stinkloaf followed by gmail dot com

Brion R. Judge said...


So happy that this was quite timely for you. I'd love to hear what you decide on for your closet.


Brion R. Judge said...


The link you provided didn't lead to anything.


shelley beckes said...

Brion, Thank you for touching on this subject. Why shouldn't closets be decorated? You are right. Have fun and go wild with it.

jorg gray said...

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