Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Apartment No. One by Ralph Lauren Home.

Last week Ralph Lauren Home released its Fall 2013 collection entitled Apartment No. One, it is quite impressive. The collection, that is full of rich fabrics, classic furnishings and wonderful accessories is inspired by the Duke of Windsor and named for the residence at London's Kensington Palace where Prince William and Kate Middleton will make their home.

Being the dyed-in-the-wool connoisseur of luxury that I like to think I am Apartment No. One had designs on my attention right out of the gate. A collection of wool, tweed, rich woods, supple leather, tartan, nailhead trim and brass...SOLD!!

Stunning no? As is my usual custom (really more of a compulsion) I've picked my favourite few pieces from the collection to spotlight.

I just love this chair and could find a spot for it in almost any setting.
Any great place to store books will almost always make my list.
Saw this piece the other day in person, truly something to behold.

As much as I love the mirror itself I love its name even more.

Beyond the fabulous furnishings, Apartment No. One also has a tremendous collection of bedding, tableware, bar ware, glassware and accessories that are well worth checking out (HERE).


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Scott Houston McBee - Part 2

Some of you may recall my post from back in February on the work of the very talented Scott Houston McBee. In that post, Artist Spotlight: Scott Houston McBee, I shared a sampling of some of Scott's Ocean Liners series. Right around the time that post came about Scott told me about a new series he was working on.

Some time back Scott sent me a few images of that new series, entitled Coral & Gold Leaf. The series is for the Island Store in Lyford Cay. Scott got the idea for the series while he and partner James Andrew (of What is James Wearing? fame) were in Lyford Cay, a private gated community located on the western tip of New Providence Island, Bahamas (Lyford Cay is considered one of the world's wealthiest and most exclusive neighborhoods). This series is inspired by the marine life that reside in the waters of the Bahamas...and flamingos. Enjoy!

This is easily my favourite piece in the series.

See, told you there were flamingos. This one really is quite stunning.

Between the last post and this one if your not a fan of Scott's work then I'm afraid we have nothing in common and can no longer be friends (just kidding...kinda). Seriously though, how could you not love this entire series? 

As an Interior Designer it is my deepest hope to be able to put a few pieces of Scott's work in clients homes or perhaps even have a client commission a piece from him, something I hope to be able to do myself some day. I have to say it wan't easy not putting one of these paintings in my Beach House Style post earlier this week. Couldn't you easily see any of these in a beach house? Or any house for that matter?


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Beach House Style.

With Summer winding down, and for no real reason that comes to mind, I've been thinking a lot lately about beach houses...well, beach house style to be more specific. There is something so unique about Beach House Style, is can be light and breezy or rich and deep but always highly comfortable and recharging to the soul. Beach House Style, in my opinion, has as much to do with everything outside the house as it does the house itself. For me this includes the location, the events that go on over the summer, the gatherings, the food, the people, etc.

For this post I choose to focus on the light and breezy side of the style. When thinking about spending time at a Beach House I like to imagine a story about seashells and bonfires on the beach, of crisp blue water and gleaming white sailboat hulls and that all this before the actual house even comes in to view. As an Interior Designer my hope (my desire) is to do many Beach Houses in my career, to create these beautiful spaces for my clients...and hopefully get lots on invites to come for visits for years to come. 

After a little Internet search and pulling from my personal archive of inspirational images I've put together a little view of the story that I tell myself. Hope this inspires you as much as it does me, please enjoy.

Once upon a time...

I love this idea a filling decorative jars with sand from beaches you've been to.
This would be a wonderful thing to do to bring a little bit of Beach House Style into your home.

You didn't think I wouldn't try to slip a bird image in did you?

...and they lived happily ever after.


P.S. I found out awhile after posting this that one of the images was actually taken by a friend of mine, the one and only Kiel James Patrick. The picture in question is the one of the people on the Adirondack chairs overlooking the water and the individual in the foreground in the hat is none other than Sarah Vickers. You may remember Kiel and Sarah from my last post "The Gentleman Birder - Tour Guide". It is always nice to have friends drop in unexpectedly.


Friday, August 16, 2013

The Gentleman Birder - Tour Guide.

Last week, while in Rhode Island, I had the pleasure of taking a couple of friends out to do a little birding. The friends in question were the lovely Sarah Vickers (pictured above with yours truly who is sporting a very smart ascot) of the immensely popular blog Classy Girls Wear Pearls and Kiel James Patrick who some of you may know, definitely should know, from his extremely successful clothing and accessories brand Kiel James Patrick.

Kristina and I were staying with Kiel and Sarah and the KJP gang at their summer rental  in Jamestown and they asked me to take them out to give them a few tips on how to bird. After much research to find a good spot I decided on the mud flats at the beautiful Charlestown Beach, which oddly enough is in Charlestown, RI. We went in the evening to take advantage of the Golden Hour, the hour just before sunset when most birds are winding down before going to sleep. Other than dawn this is a wonderful time for birding.

As you'll see we had to wade through a bit of water to reach our destination. It was a stunning evening and the light was constantly changing which made for some lovely photos. Enjoy.

Our first sighting of the evening was a Green Heron, who decided to try and hide himself.

Hey look! Kiel found a spider crab. An awful awful looking spider crab.

Kristina and I scanning the landscape for birds.

Sarah and I scanning for birds.

Kiel and I scanning for birds. (Why on earth am I leaning forward?)

Kiel look! Great Blue Herons.

I love these birds.

The Herons were soon joined by a few stunning Snowy Egrets.

Soon after we came across this little guy, quite a handsome bird no?

And then we found a whole bunch of Least Sandpipers, which are very cute.

I got this great shot of Kiel and Sarah as the sun was going down. Always a fan of a silhouette shot.

So there you have it, The Gentleman Birder as first time tour guide.
Coincidentally, I just happened to be wearing one of Kiel's bracelets.

Best Regards and Happy Birding,
Brion, The Gentleman Birder
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