Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Morning Classics: Prelude Op.32 No.10

Sometimes I am quite happy to find that a search is not required to select a piece for Sunday Morning Classics. From time to time a friend will post something about a piece on Facebook or some other social media or I'll overhear a great piece while out for the day. This time is firmly in the former category. A friend of mine, the ever so charming and fellow interior designer Amy Benton, posted this piece on Facebook a short time back and it was immediately obvious that it must be a Sunday Morning Classic.

The piece is Rachmaninoff's "Prelude Op.32 No.10", a wonderfully meditative piece of music. It is the perfect accompaniment for a cold winter morning....and a nice mimosa or two couldn't hurt either. Part of his Thirteen Preludes, Opus 32 is a set of thirteen preludes for solo piano, it was composed in 1910. It complements his earlier Prelude in C-sharp minor, Op. 3/2, and 10 Preludes, Op. 23, to complete the full complement of 24 Preludes in all 24 major and minor keys. Please enjoy.


P.S. Now that Blogger has seen fit to finally fix an issue with posting images I'll be posting a bit more again.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ralph Lauren at Highclere Castle.

This past October Ralph Lauren held a private fashion show at Highclere Castle in Newbury, England. Many of you might know that Highclere is where our beloved Downton Abbey is filmed. The event was held for a very select group and was hosted by none other than the Countess of Carnarvan herself. In case you didn't know, Highclere is the actual home of the  8th Earl and Countess of Carnarvan and was built in its present day form in 1838 by Sir Charles Barry, Highclere has been inhabited for over 700 years before coming into the Herbert family in the late 17th century.

For the history buffs out there (like myself) the Carnarvan name might be familiar, it was the 5th Earl of Carnarvan along with Howard Carter who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun, the first global world media event.

The collection was truly English, in all its glory. I have done my best to find as many images as possible to capture the feel of the event, starting with an actual invitation. Please enjoy.

How exciting would it have been to receive one of these?

Welcome to Highclere.

All photography by Chris Allerton courtesy of Ralph Lauren
Stunning don't you think? I am not one to usually wish to have been at a fashion show..until now of course. One can only image the atmosphere and ambiance of the show, what with such an amazing setting.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Advice for 2013.

In my youth my grandfather and father would sit me down from time to time to share a pertinent piece of advice that suited whatever situation was at hand or to bestow upon me a bit of wisdom that they had either learned in their life or had been bestowed upon them by the men in their family. If I were to give just one piece of advice to everyone in the new year it would be a motto I live my life by, and that is "Be Mindful."

Be mindful of what you do, what you say, how you act and how you treat people. Be mindful of others. Be mindful that what you do affects others. Be mindful to not let others adversely influence or affect you. Be mindful that at the end of the day you are responsible for the things you do.  Most importantly, be mindful of your passions, ideals and happiness.
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