Friday, January 20, 2012

Good night Miss Peaches.

We have lost a most unique voice today and all the world is sadder for it. Hers was a talent that shall most definitely be missed forever but shall most assuredly never be forgotten.

So with that I say good night Miss Peaches, what you gave us was truly a blessing.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter falling on Chicago.

At long last Winter has found it's way to Chicago. By that I mean it has gotten wonderfully cold and the ground is now covered in a new lovely blanket of snow. I'm one of those odd fellows who loves every aspect of Winter, the bitter cold, the snow (the more the better). At any rate, once the snow started the other day the urge to be out in it took over and I was off.

Best of all was that I got a good chance to break in the new duffle coat Kristina got me for Christmas and my old Bean Boots got to feel useful again...they have felt so very low these last couple months waiting in the hall closet.

Happy Winter Everyone,
Brion...and Bean Boots
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