Friday, May 18, 2012

Christian's Window On The World.

Recently the La Cienega Design Quarter in L.A. held their fourth annual Legends of La Cienega, Windows To The World event. And it just so happens that a friend of mine and fellow interior designer, Christian May, was asked to design one of the windows. Christian had been covering the event on his blog Maison 21 for the past three years and, thanks to his casually mentioning to the right person that he would love to do a window, they asked him to participate in this years event.

The event was created to celebrate the La Cienega design quarter, which is considered to be the heart of  interior design community in L.A. The idea is for designers to create window displays using resources from the design showrooms on...well, La Cienega. The Windows To The World theme dictates that each designer picks one of their favourite places in the world and design their window to look like that place. Christian chose Palm Springs (California) as his inspiration and his window is in the Gray Morell showroom. So without any further ado...

Palm Springs?...He nailed it! Wouldn't you agree?
This has such a great lighthearted use of colour and balance.
I love the pyramidal shape of the composition.
The man himself, my friend, Christian May.
(Photo courtesy of Amy Benton)

If you find yourself in L.A. between now and Monday make sure to find your way to La Cienega (between Santa Monica Blvd. + Beverly Blvd.) and check out Christian's, and all the other designers, window. You won't be disappointed. If you'd like to see more coverage of the event Christian has a three part series on his blog (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3). There you will also find a list of all the resources he used in the creation of his display.

Well done my friend, the window is wonderful. I only wish I had been able to make it out there to see it.


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