Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Interior Design: The process.

While doing a bit of research today I came across this wonderful little video that was put out by A.S.I.D. (American Society of Interior Designers) about the interior design process. The video focuses on commercial design but there is really no difference between that and the process for doing residential design.

I thought that everyone might like to see what the process entails. The video does not go into great details on the topic, else it would be a couple of hours long, but it gives a very good overview.

I hope you enjoy. If you should have questions about anything please ask, I would be more than happy to answer them...as an Interior Designer and principal of B.R.Judge Design I have gone through the process a few times.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkins in the Park 5K.

My wife, Kristina, ran today in the "Pumpkins in the Park 5K" race in Chicago, in Lincoln Park. I went to lend my support and to get a few pictures to show that she did it. She only started running a few months ago and this is her second 5K. Her first was the "Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure". She has been able to do so much in such a short time..I am very proud of her accomplishment.

Waiting for Kristina to show...
...still waiting... 

...hey look..I found Waldo...
..and here she comes (the one in the grey and black)...

...and she's off again...

...there's my little 798 (new location closer to the end)...

..and there she goes, say "good-bye" Kristina...

Friday, October 15, 2010

An ode to the written word of Autumn.

Autumn is truly my favorite time of year, the falling leaves, the brisk weather, the warm colors cast upon the ground. One can easily find handfuls of articles or blog posts about the colors and the styles of the season (with that said, please keep an eye out for the one I am currently writing). I wanted to share an aspect of Autumn that is not as often given the full respect it deserves, the words used to describe it.

Even though there are a plethora of poems and song I could share I have chosen only one of each..my two absolute  favorites.

Poem: "October" by William Cullen Bryant

AY, thou art welcome, heaven's delicious breath! When woods begin to wear the crimson leaf,
And suns grow meek, and the meek suns grow brief
And the year smiles as it draws near its death. Wind of the sunny south! oh, still delay
In the gay woods and in the golden air,
Like to a good old age released from care,
Journeying, in long serenity, away.
In such a bright, late quiet, would that I
Might wear out life like thee, 'mid bowers and brooks
And dearer yet, the sunshine of kind looks,
And music of kind voices ever nigh;
And when my last sand twinkled in the glass,
Pass silently from men, as thou dost pass.

Song: "Les feuilles mortes" by Yves Montand
(This is the original version of the english song "Autumn Leaves", it translates as "Dead Leaves". While this version is my favorite, there are other versions that are just as beautiful, Edith Piaf does an amazing version. There are some wonderful jazz instrumental versions that are great as well...think Stan Getz.)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Unexpected treasures.

While my wife and I were out on a walk earlier today we decided to stop into one of my favorite thrift stores in Chicago and look around, The Brown Elephant on Halsted (their location on Clark is wonderful too and in a terrific, if a bit rundown, building).

After spending some time in the rest of the often overwhelming and ever changing inventory we made our way over to the art / frames area. Here is where I found and fell in love with the items pictured above. As everyone knows, you might go to a thrift store a dozen times and find nothing but the very next time you strike gold. It also helps if you are like me and have to look through ever single piece in the store (as always I must apologize to my wife for this....I can take forever).

This is a great example of showing that you don't have to spend a lot of money to find great art and accessories for your home..this whole lot cost me a mere $25.

Pistoia, Italy. A beautiful town in Tuscany.
The town lent its name to the "Pistol".

This print is my favorite of the group.

Sorry for photo quality, this is actually a shiny silver.

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